Episode 147: Local Beekeeping with Nathalie of Bee Mindful


The Weston A. Price Foundation‘s 2023 Wise Traditions┬áconference in Kansas City, MO is only a few days away now. The Appropriate Omnivore host Aaron Zober’s third and final guest of the speaker series is Nathalie B. of Bee Mindful. Nathalie’s talk at the conference is entitled Easy Horizontal Beekeeping to Source Your Own Unfiltered Raw Honey and Other Products of the Hive. Along with Nathalie managing almost 400 colonies in the greater Austin, TX area, Nathalie keeps very “bee-sy” with her involvement in numerous beekeeping organizations. With all that she does, Aaron is glad Nathalie can take some time to “bee” on the podcast. Nathalie tells the story of how she was interested in bees at a young to where that leads to her today as a beekeeper. Topic which Aaron and Nathalie delve into include beekeeping for underprivileged communities, problems with organic, honey as a natural sweetener, and how honey has personally benefited Nathalie health wise. Nathalie and Aaron conclude the episode exploring the question of whether the general public is more aware of the plight of the bees.

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