What Is an Appropriate Omnivore?

For a long time now, I’ve focused on being environmental. For an even longer time, I’ve loved beef. Some would see those two things as a contradiction. I’ve certainly heard my share of arguments that eating meat can’t be green. But I’ve also read many great books and articles that have said meat can be healthy and good for the environment if eaten in moderation and avoiding factory farming.

To me, an appropriate omnivore is a someone who consumes meat, eggs, and dairy, but does their due diligence to find where the products are sourced. But being an omnivore isn’t just about eating meat. Omnivores can eat both plants and animals. It’s appropriate to go local and organic with fruits and vegetables as well.

My biggest inspiration is Michael Polan, author of the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Maybe that goes without saying. Just look at the title of this blog. But I feel I can’t give an introductory without thanking Mr. Polan.

As Michael Polan and many others have great writings on making meat more sustainable, that’s not going to be sole purpose of this blog. My advantage of writing something which can be updated daily and accessed at any time is that I can talk about breaking news involving environmental agriculture. I’ll also include reviews of restaurants and grocery/farmers market items, interviews with people in related fields, even some movie and book reviews.

I look forward to expressing my views on eating meat, hearing all of my readers’ thoughts, and changing people’s relationship with all types of food. Grab your burger or your tofurkey and let’s discuss.

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