Wise Traditions Part X – The Food


There are many great reasons to attend a Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference.  As I’ve reported in previous postings, there’s a wealth of great speakers on topics such as agriculture, cooking, nutrition, and health.  There’s a wide variety a WAPF-approved exhibitors.  In addition, there are many great like minded people to meet there.  But of course, as the WAPF is all about eating the proper food, nobody can ignore the benefit of dining on the conference’s excellent meals.  The servings there were extremely satisfying on all accounts: nourishment, sustainability, and taste.


The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund held a fundraiser breakfast every morning.  I love eggs in the morning. Pastured and soy free eggs are hard to come by, so it was a pleasure getting to have the ones from Chaffin Family Orchards.  The shells were a little hard to peel off, but Stanley Fishman explained to me that’s what truly pastured eggs are like.  Also, on the table is some beef broth by Real Bone Broth and a soaked flour blueberry muffin with what else, but some Kerrygold butter.


The first lunch of the conference had some of my favorites, namely beef and pork sausages and some sourdough bread with pastured butter.   It was also my first exposure to some great vendors in the real food world.  The sausages were from Miller’s Organic Farm, where food doesn’t get any more sustainable than that.  And the bread was from Grindstone Bakery.  I also loved the Bavarian potato salad as I’m of Bavarian decent.



The Wise Traditions conference has some of the most inventive desserts, providing tasty treats using natural sweeteners.  This is a baked apple with raw honey.  The apple was another dish provided by Miller’s Organic Farm.


Organ meats are the most nutrient dense cut of meats, but many don’t like their taste.  In order to get organic meats into your diet, there are many great recipes of common foods with  organ meats worked in.  For the Friday dinner, the main course was a great example of that with its organic meatloaf, made from meats provided by Scott River Ranch.


For the Saturday lunch, there were more helpings of organ meats with the U.S. Wellness Meats braunschweiger.  Also being served was a rice chicken soup from Chaffin Family Orchards and a WAPF-style cheesecake, which is a tradition at the conferences.


For the Saturday dinner banquet, Chaffin Orchards provided more of their wonderful poultry with a curry chicken.  I’ve always been a red meat guy, but this chicken stacked up to any of the beef served at the conference.  This was without a doubt the best chicken I’ve ever had.


Continuing with great tasting and healthy desserts was a warm fruit compote to conclude the Saturday dinner banquet.


Only at a Wise Traditions conference would there be a jar of Celtic Sea Salt instead of just your normal salt shaker.  I don’t normally take photos of salt and pepper shakers, but I could pass up the opportunity to show this.



My final meal at the conference was the Sunday brunch.   I love a big brunch and this meal offered many of the items I’ve been accustomed to, but with a real food twist.  After speaking to Vital Choice  at their booth, it was great getting to taste their lox, my favorite type of fish.  I also love French toast and was thrilled to have some made with the sourdough from Grindstone Bakery.  And what would a WAPF brunch be without some meat?  There were more beef and pork sausages being served, this time ones from U.S. Wellness Meats.

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  1. great round up aaron! i think there were a great many offerings at the conference, though to me it seemed a bit of a one note kinda situation. i am sure this is because certain sponsors clearly have the ability to donate more then others. overall the food was good but i have not looked at a sausage since! lol! i also loved loved loved the lox at the sunday brunch. i enjoyed reading your re-cap of the conference, i got to read up on stuff that i missed and know how to better plan for te next one!

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