Episode 130: Baking Better Crackers with Donn Kelly of Flackers

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up this weekend. Appropriate Omnivore host Aaron Zober loves this holiday both due to it being the big game for his favorite sport plus a time when he can serve all of his favorite sustainable snack foods. This year’s Super Bowl episode focuses on crackers with Donn Kelly, co-founder of The Dr. in the Kitchen, maker of Flackers flax seed crackers. Donn co-founded the company with Dr. Alison Levitt M.D. as she did integrative medicine and had clients on the side. The focus of Flackers is gluten free crackers made with sprouted seeds. Flackers also recently launched a line made with the ancient grain fonio. Donn talks about the process of making a great tasting cracker and the importance of Flackers’ various certifications. Plus Donn gets into what products we can expect from Flackers in the future. And Don and Aaron discuss what to pair Flackers with at your Super Bowl parties this Sunday.

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