Episode 129: Eating Local Meat with Nick Wallace of 99 Counties

The Appropriate Omnivore kicks off its new season in 2023, talking about what else? Locally sourced meat. Aaron welcomes Nick Wallace, co-founder of 99 Counties, to the program. 99 Counties delivers local and sustainable beef, pork, and poultry to the front doors of people living in the midwest. Nick tells his story of overcoming serious health issues as he had a father who worked with farmers in the organic industry and learned about the Weston A. Price Foundation. This led Nick to do local farming using traditional grazing methods and starting 99 Counties. 99 Counties sees regenerative agriculture as the key to solving many of our problems. Nick explains how he defines regenerative agriculture. Aaron then asks Nick about where we can see 99 Counties expanding as a far as both territories and other products, including produce, prepared foods, and honey.

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