Episode 131: What Are Real Superfoods? with Nakisa Nowroozi of Luv Maman


Nakisa Nowroozi makes her return to the Appropriate Omnivore podcast to discuss her new brand Luv Maman Superfood. Luv Maman sells organic sprouted nuts and seed spreads, including ones with mixed ghee. Nakisa gets into how the word superfood is often misused while explaining what she defines as a real superfood. Mislabeled superfoods are why she started making her own. Nakisa and host Aaron Zober find they share many of the same views when it comes to what real, healthy food is. They go through a whole variety of food topics in this episode, including sprouted foods, ghee, the GAPS diet, natural sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and gluten free products. Nakisa mentions what products we can expect from Luv Maman in the future, including keto products different than what we’re used to seeing on the market.

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