Episode 119: Nutrient Dense Treats with Nakisa Nowroozi of Nourishality



Aaron welcomes Dr. Nakisa Nowroozi to The Appropriate Omnivore podcast. Naskisa has a PhD is in cell and molecular biology and masters in biochemistry. She currently teaches anatomy and physiology at Orange Coast College. She also founded Nourishality, which produces grain free nutrition bars and energy balls. Nakisa gets into how she makes her treats to be the most nutrient dense by using sprouted nuts, natural sweeteners, and organic ingredients. In addition to making the bars and balls with real food, Nourishality also strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The products have green and net zero certifications. And Nakisa is very transparent about everything that goes into her foods. She openly tells Aaron the sources of her ingredients. All of this plus what Nakisa and Aaron see for the future of better snack food.

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