Episode 102: Evaluating the Impact of Fake Meats with Sara Keough of Eco Nutrition



Aaron Zober is joined by clinical nutritionist Sara Keough of Eco Nutrition. Sara’s practice focuses on having her clients be healthy by eating food which is both nutrient dense and environmentally sustainable. Aaron and Sara both see grass fed pasture raised meats as important for a person’s health and for the health of the planet. Yet some are confused by their messages and ask both of them if they recommend these fake meats such as Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat. While Aaron and Sara see that there’s no one size fits all diet and are okay with people being vegetarian or vegan if it works for an individual, they break down why these fake meats aren’t the correct way to do a plant based diet. Sara shares her take as both a nutritionist and a consultant on regenerative agriculture as to why the fake meats are bad both for in terms of health and sustainability.

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