Episode 154: A GAPS Journey with Nakisa Nowroozi of Luv Maman


Aaron welcomes back Dr. Nakisa Nowroozi to The Appropriate Omnivore podcast. Nakisa is the founder of Luv Maman. She also has a PhD in cell and molecular biology and masters in biochemistry and currently teaches anatomy and physiology at Orange Coast College. For this episode Nakisa talks about her family’s experience on the GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) Diet. As she’s not a GAPS practitioner, she explains the diet from a mother’s point of view. Nakisa had her sons go on GAPS to resolve health issues they were having. To show support, her whole family went on it. Nakisa explains the various stages of GAPS in terms of transitioning to each one and then when you know you’re ready to end GAPS. She also discusses what do after the GAPS Diet and how there are more GAPS friendly products on the market now then when she and her family did it.

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