Episode 152: 2023 Holiday Special with Lani Fox of Rosemallow Artisanal


2023 is almost over. But before the year ends, Aaron Zober does one more podcast for The Appropriate Omnivore. Aaron welcomes back Lani Fox, founder of Rosemallow Artisanal, for a holiday special. Lani has several holiday themed artisanal marshmallow truffles (or rosemallows as she refers to them) for Aaron to sample them. Aaron and Lani both taste the rosemallows and state their thoughts. Listeners can follow along by looking at the Rosemallows on the website (https://rosemallowartisanal.com/products/mallow-truffles-festive-winter). After sample the rosemallows, Lani and Aaron then discuss the topics of finding better options for holiday treats, whether marshmallows can be come the next elevated dessert, and what to expect from Rosemallow Artisanal in 2024.

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