Episode 151: Wholistic Medicine with Dr. Adam Wuollet


This week’s guest on The Appropriate Omnivore podcast is Dr. Adam Wuollet. Dr. Adam tells his story from going to med school and working in allopathic medicine to where he is now with what he calls wholistic medicine. He explains wholistic medicine (not to be confused with holistic medicine) is about the whole approach. Dr. Adam and Aaron discuss the ideas of food as medicine. Dr. Adam then gets into other areas of medicine he focuses on, such as frequencies and water. He sees these as two of the most critical aspects of life and our own health. In addition to having transitioned into wholistic medicine, Dr. Adam is now a homesteader raising cows, pigs, and chickens to feed his family. He explains how he sees parallels between gardening, regenerative farming, and our own health. Aaron concludes the podcast having Dr. Adam Wuollet talk about how he’s improved his own health.

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