Episode 145: “Junk” Foods Cooked Right with Corey Dunn of For Nutrient’s Sake


In a few weeks, the Weston A. Price Foundation will be holding its annual Wise Traditions conference. Leading up to the event, The Appropriate Omnivore host Aaron Zober will be interviewing a few of the speakers. Aaron’s first guest in this series is Corey Dunn. Corey is a Weston Price chapter co-leader in Brunswick, GA and runs the blog For Nutrients Sake! as well as co-hosts the podcast Modern Ancestral Mamas. Her talk at the conference is entitled Nourish Your Family with “Junk” Foods Cooked Right, a topic Aaron Zober can very much relate to. Corey gives her background going from paleo to Weston Price, where she was able to incorporate properly prepared grains. Corey and Aaron share their appreciation of how the WAPF allows for properly prepared grains as well as the inclusion of all of our favorite comforts foods when they’re done the right way. Corey shares her favorite comfort foods to make for her family. Corey and Aaron connect with their love of the burger. And Corey tells the listeners about her homesteading journeys since she’s moved from Maryland to coastal Georgia.

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