Episode 144: Sustainabe & Impact Investing with Investing Strategist Amantia Muhedini


For the latest episode of The Appropriate Omnivore podcast, Aaron Zober brings on Amantia Muhedini, an executive director and sustainable & impact investing strategist for UBS. Amantia has dedicated her academic training and whole career to S & I investing. While she’s he had a long time interest in the field, it precedes her career. Amantia tells us about the origins of S & I investing back in the 70s when it was known socially responsible investing and how it got to where it is today. Amantia explains the differences between sustainable investing and impact investing. Aaron and Amantia then discuss how impact investing can relate to agriculture and CPG with types of investing such as nature based solutions. Aaron asks how issues such as biodiversity, supply chains, antimicrobial resistance, and renewable energy fall under sustainable & impact investing. Amantia goes into how investable biodiversity currently is and what’s needed to make it more investable.

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