Affiliate Partnership with Primal Kitchen

I’m proud to announce that The Appropriate Omnivore is now part of the Primal Kitchen affiliate program. Primal Kitchen is a fantastic company which makes everything from condiments to collagen to protein bars to frozen meals.

Primal Kitchen was founded by Mark Sisson, who became one of the first ancestral health bloggers back in 2006 with Mark’s Daily Apple. He started writing it as a way for people to take full control of their health and to investigate, discuss, and be critical thinkers of everything we’ve thought was true about health and wellness. After a huge success in the blogosphere, Sisson set foot in the natural food world.

Primal Kitchen’s first product was a mayonnaise made with avocado oil instead canola oil. Since then, they’ve expanded a wide variety of foods all with simple and clean ingredients. Their current line includes condiments, salad dressings, collagens, protein bars, and frozen meals. Their products contain options which are certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, PaleoWhole 30, and Non-GMO.

Primal Kitchen can be found in supermarkets all over the country plus you can order them from their website. Anybody reading this article can get a 10% discount on their entire order if they enter the code OMNIVORE at checkout.

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