Episode 093: Monica Ford of Real Food Devotee: Food Delivery & the Pandemic


The Appropriate Omnivore subseries on the COVID 19 pandemic continues, this time discussing food delivery. Food delivery has seen huge a growth during the pandemic. Aaron brings Monica Ford of the Los Angeles delivery service Real Food Devotee back to the program. Monica’s has been thriving in the delivery business long before everybody was talking about it. Monica gets into which menu items of hers have seen in an increase since the pandemic. Aaron talks with Monica about the correlation between people being concerned about the pandemic and people wanting to eat healthier, which is a big benefit for Real Food Devotee with its offerings such as bone broth and sauerkraut. Aaron and Monica then get into what this new popularity for delivery services means for the future of supermarkets, restaurants and any other food related delivery business. Will this be the new normal? Additionally, Monica talks about how she’s taking the precautions to make sure everything in her facilities is sanitary. This is something she was also ahead of the curve on before the pandemic as hygiene is extra important when it comes to fermentation.

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