Episode 148: Mastering the Marshmallow with Lani Fox of Rosemallow Artisanal


On this episode of The Appropriate Omnivore, Aaron Zober does a first with an interactive podcast. His guest Lani Fox founded Rosemallow Artisanal, which makes the sophisticated adult treat of artisanal marshmallow truffles, or Rosemallows as they’re referred to. Aaron samples Lani’s Rosemallows while recording the interview and states his thoughts. Listeners can follow along by looking at the Rosemallows on the website (https://www.rosemallowartisanal.com/). In addition to the tastings, Lani tells her story how she’s been growing food since childhood as well as cooking her entire life and how this led to Rosemallow. Lani explains what makes her Rosemallows different than conventional marshmallow. She gets into why it’s called Rosemallow. (There may be more than one reason.) Lani also discusses how her Jewish culture plays into her products, which Aaron can relate to also being Jewish.

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