Episode 113: Almond Agriculture Done Right with Tim Richards of Philosopher Foods

Aaron Zober brings on Tim Richards to The Appropriate Omnivore podcast. Tim recently rebranded The Philosopher’s Stoneground as Philosopher Foods. Philosopher Foods makes organic craft almond and coconut butters. Tim talks about everything almond farming. Conventional almond farming is one of the most unsustainable types of agriculture with its heavy use of water and pesticides. Tim explains though that we don’t need to give up our love for almonds as they can be grown sustainably. He then gets into how almonds have many health benefits. Philosopher Foods also produces coconut butter. While the coconuts currently used come from regenerative agriculture, Tim gets into his quest to use regenerative almonds. Plus Tim talks about issues related with using truly raw almonds and what products we can expect from Philosopher Foods in the future.

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