Product Review: Chomps Jerky Sticks

Products such as beef sticks, beef jerky, and beef bars have been a long time love of mine. And discovering a beef stick called Chomps gave me an extra reason to be excited about trying them. Along with meat, my other love is football. Specifically the Cleveland Browns, who I grew up watching living in northeast Ohio. For those non-Clevelanders who aren’t making the connection, the mascot of the Browns is a labrador named Chomps. So this products seemed right up my alley. 

Chomps obviously caught my eye with its name plus its colorful packaging (a strategy I’ve seen work well with many beef jerky and beef stick products), but its lure doesn’t stop with its name or aesthetics. I also appreciate Chomps for having one of the most diverse variety of meat stick flavors. 

Chomps has snack sticks from several different animals. In recent years, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for eating more wild game animals. Venison is one of my favorites, so Chomps made the right decision to go with that for their gamey option. And I do like some poultry along with my red meat. Chicken and turkey can be savory if prepared and seasoned right. Chomps does just that with their turkey sticks, especially the jalapeno flavored one. Still there’s the comfort of good old beef and it remains my main squeeze when it comes to the meat I consume. So I admire Chomps for sticking to beef for most of its flavors. 

There are a total of five different beef flavors among the Chomps sticks: original, sea salt, Italian style, jalapeno, and cranberry habanero. Their most innovative of the beef sticks is the Italian style. It’s flavored with ingredients also found in meatballs, such as oregano, basil, onion, and garlic. As a big fan meatball fan and Italian cured meats, this is my favorite of Chomps sticks. 

I often find myself drifting toward spicy beef sticks and jerky, so I enjoy their jalapeno and cranberry habanero offerings. I don’t find them too hot to handle, but I do have a higher threshold for spicy foods than others. I think the mix of cranberry with the habanero does help balance that one. It also gives it a texture similar to beef bars. 

All of Chomps’ beef flavors use 100% grass fed beef. Using cattle fed only beef is an absolute for any beef stick or jerky product which I recommend.  

None of the Chomps products contain sugar. I’ve found this to be somewhat common with beef sticks as opposed to other dehydrated meat products. For this reason, Chomps and other beef sticks have become one of my favorite meat snacks. 

All in all, Chomps scores as a great beef stick in terms of taste along with its commitment to producing healthy and sustainable food. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that football starts back up in the fall. If it does, I’ll be noshing on some Chomps while I watch my Cleveland Browns. 

You can order Chomps online to be delivered directly to your home, by clicking here.  

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