Episode 088: Hannah Crum: World Kombucha Day


Hannah Crum returns once again to The Appropriate Omnivore, being the first of any guest to be in the interview seat for a total of five times. This time she’s here to promote World Kombucha Day, a holiday taking place on February 21 to celebrate the wonderful beverage of kombucha. Hannah gives an update as to how the world of kombucha has evolved since she first started Kombucha Kamp. Hannah now has additionally created the Kombucha Brewers International, a trade association for commercial kombucha brewers. Plus she holds the annual KombuchaKon for the kombucha industry. Aaron and Hannah discuss how the market continues to expand with more kombucha options available at stores, kombucha taprooms, and even kombucha being served at sports stadiums. Hannah tells the listeners how they can take part in World Kombucha Day. And Hannah gets Aaron to do something no other guest has done before – sing. All of this and more in this new Appropriate Omnivore KombuchaKast.

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