Episode 082: Boochfest with Nick Angulo & Ivory Melone – May 6, 2019


San Diego will soon be having its first kombucha festival known as Boochfest. Boochfest will be open to the public allowing people to learn more about this wonderful probiotic beverage and to have the opportunity to taste various flavors from over 20 brands all based on the west coast. Aaron Zober interviews Boochfest creators Nick Angulo and Ivory Melone. Nick and Ivory tell their stories about how they discovered kombucha, leading to the birth of the upcoming festival. With Aaron, they let the listeners know some of the highlights to expect at Boochfest, such as the hard booch lounge with high alcoholic content kombucha. They also discuss why kombucha is so successful and what the future holds for one of everybody’s favorite ferments.

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