Episode 150: Connecting the Natural Product Space with Rana Manzi of Naturally Los Angeles


About a year ago, The Appropriate Omnivore host Aaron Zober joined the networking group known as Naturally Los Angeles. This organization is part of the Naturally Network. The Naturally Network has chapters in various cities for people in the natural product space to connect. Aaron welcomes Naturally LA executive director Rana Manzi to the podcast to inform the listeners what Naturally LA and the Naturally Network offer. Rana explains that she’s been working in the natural industry her entire life based on how her mother raised her. Rana’s been employed in various areas of the natural CPG world from being a nutritionist to retail to nutraceuticals to trade shows to now Naturally LA. Rana goes into great detail about Naturally LA in terms of what the membership consists of, what her role as executive director entails, and upcoming events in 2024. Rana and Aaron both discuss the benefits of emerging natural CPG brands. Rana and Aaron also delve into current trends of the natural product space and their overall thoughts on the future of natural food and food in general.

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