Episode 143: A Product Line of Everything Under the Sun with Asher Cowan of Dr. Cowan’s Garden


Aaron Zober returns with a fall series of new Appropriate Omnivore podcasts. As his focus is the best natural products available, Aaron kicks off the new cycle interviewing Asher Cowan, the co-founder of Dr. Cowan’s Garden. Dr. Cowan’s Garden strives to offer the best real food products across every food category. Asher Cowan founded Dr. Cowan’s garden with his father Dr. Thomas Cowan. Asher recaps the unique circumstances which formed the business. He then moves into the company starting out with selling different garden blends. Aaron mentions that he’s impressed with the products being beyond organic and not needing to use any additives or preservatives. Asher discusses how including either of those was never an option. Asher next moves into talking about other products you can find from Dr. Cowans’ Garden, explaining they’re all foods he’s wanted for his own pantry. And Asher previews what future products we can expect from Dr. Cowan’s Garden.

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