Episode 132: The Art & Sustainablity of Flavored Butters with Michael Tashman of Churn Foods


The Appropriate Omnivore podcast host Aaron Zober says he can spread butter on any food he likes. For this episode, he brings on a guest who shares this sentiment. While working as a fine chef, Michael came up with the idea of a chef-to-shelf CPG business for flavored butter, which became known as Churn Foods. At the time, he didn’t see any others being offered nationwide. While there are some flavored butters on the market now, none of them go for sustainable sourcing like Michael does with organic grass fed butter. He also sources relatively local in terms of getting butter from his home state of California. Michael delves into what it’s like producing a gourmet butter as the market is changing and more people are consuming butter. What foods do the various flavored Churn butters pair well with? Can you savor the Churn flavors by themselves? And what can we expect for future flavors from Churn as well as products outside of butter and maybe even expansion beyond CPG? All of this and more as Aaron and Michael share their love of butter and other fine foods.

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