Episode 107: Healing with Bone Broth and Real Food with Sharon Brown of Bonafide Provisions


For this episode, Aaron Zober welcomes Sharon Brown of Bonafide Provisions onto the program. Aaron first met Sharon back in 2012 at the Wise Traditions Conference. At that time, Sharon was just launching her bone broth business. Bonafide Provisions’ frozen real bone broth is now sold at supermarkets nationally. Sharon shares her experience of going from healing her son’s health issues to becoming a clinical nutritionist to launching a bone broth business. Sharon talks about Bonafide’s recently launched shelf stable broths. She explains why her company expanded into that area as well as releasing their first veggie broth. Sharon then gets into what plant based really means and why it’s important we all need to include a good amount of plants in our diet. Sharon mentions other important foods and supplements to consume and how her family has maintained a healthy lifestyle by eating real food.

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