Where Else Will the Appropriate Omnivore Eat?

I’ve recently begun writing a series of articles on grass fed beef restaurants. I’ve been focusing on these for many reasons: the environmental benefits, the health aspects, they taste better. But I love all kinds of restaurants that have commitments to serving sustainable food.

You’ll be seeing reviews of places that serve other types of organic meats and organic vegetables, fruits, and grains. I’ll also check out restaurants that have locally sourced food. Additionally, I understand that not all restaurants can afford to serve grass fed beef. Ones that support meat that’s free range or certified humane is still a step up from McDonald’s.
I’ll also be reviewing vegan and vegetarian restaurants. One might wonder why a blog titled The Appropriate Omnivore would attend places that don’t serve meat. Part of being an appropriate omnivore is eating meat in moderation and eating several meatless meals a week. These restaurants have to be ones which are sustainable though. Not all vegan ones are. Places that serve veggie burgers that are processed with genetically modified soy, fried, and topped with sauces high in sugar aren’t environmentally friendly.

There are a lot of great options in LA for sustainable food. Get ready for an incredible journey to restaurants that could change the way you think about food.

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