Episode 149: Whetting Your Appetite for Organ Meats with James Barry of Pluck


For the latest episode of The Appropriate Omnivore podcast, Aaron Zober dives into one of the best ways you can be an appropriate omnivore. And that is consuming organ meats. Still many are scared to try them. That’s where guest James Barry comes in. James founded Pluck, which offers seasonings made with various organs and coming in various flavors. James tells his story of going to culinary school, working as a chef, and coming up with the idea for Pluck while he was a stay-at-home dad. James also goes into stories of people who have benefitted health wise from his organ meat seasonings. He lets Aaron know what new products and flavors we can expect in the not too distant future. And James and Aaron discuss all that they know about sourcing sustainable meats.

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