Episode 137: A Different Kind of Jerky with Prabal Chaudhri of Brave Good Kind


The Appropriate Omnivore host Aaron Zober loves all kinds of jerky. In a field dominated mainly by beef jerky, Aaron was excited when Brave Good Kind launched and focused on chicken. Prabal Chaudhri comes on his program to tell the story of founding Brave Good Kind. Prabal explains that his products differ not only in terms of protein type, but also by making bars and bites instead of typical jerky and meat sticks. He talks about how his daughter being born was an influence in terms of what he should feed her and feed himself. While Aaron and Prabal have different reasons for wanting more chicken snacks on the market, they both understand the importance of meat snacks using clean ingredients, free of items such as nitrites and MSG. Prabal then discusses the future of Brave Good Kind as well as what he sees for the future of meat snacks.

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