Episode 138: Implementing the Organic Impact Tracker with Justin Herber & Dr. Stephanie Bledsoe of Tractor Beverage Company


For his latest podcast, Aaron Zober welcomes on two people from Tractor Beverage Company, chief brand officer Justin Herber and consulting agronomist Dr. Stephanie Bledsoe. Tractor Beverage is the only organic certified, non-GMO beverage company in restaurants. In partnership with the research company HowGood, Tractor Beverage recently debuted its Organic Impact Tracker. The Organic Impact Tracker measures the amounts conventional pesticides present in food ingredients. Justin and Dr. Stephanie discuss the results they discovered in Tractor Beverage drinks as a result of the tracker, in terms of which ingredients were shown to be potent with pesticides and how Tractor can source in the future. They also get into the specific restaurants and other places where Tractor Beverage can be found. Plus potential new flavors we can see Tractor Beverage Company introduce.

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