Episode 135: Tasty Grain Free Cooking with Anna Vocino of Eat Happy Kitchen


This week on The Appropriate Omnivore podcast, Aaron Zober welcomes Anna Vocino of Eat Happy Kitchen. Anna is both a best selling author with her cookbooks Eat Happy and Eat Happy Too and a CPG entrepreneur with her product line Eat Happy Kitchen. Anna shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur at a young age as she was raised by a single mother and needed money in her pocket for yummy food. Anna currently wears many other hats as well. She’s also a voice over artist and standup comic. She jokes about being diagnosed with Celiac’s disease for it was cool. Hating all of the gluten free options, she started making her own dishes and blogging about them. After hosting a podcast, she shifted her focus from gluten free to grain free. Anna discusses the origins of the recipes she created. Plus how both her Italian heritage and California influence played a major role in her cooking. Aaron also gets her to talk about her venture into CPG, what we can expect from Anna in the future with both more cookbooks and more products from Eat Happy Kitchen, and all the ways that a low carb/grain free diet has helped her live healthier and happier life.

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