Episode 067: Lana Salant: The Ethical Omnivore Movement – September 3, 2013

It’s the Appropriate Omnivore joined by the Ethical Omnivore.  Lana Salant has created the web page The Ethical Omnivore Movement (EOM).  Lana explains just what an ethical omnivore is.  It’s about honoring your body, your food, and our planet.  Lana talks about her exposure early on eating all kinds of meats of such as beef tongues and chicken feet and how she came to start EOM.  In addition to getting pastured meats, Lana also discusses her issues with the sustainability of seafood and why she’ll only eat fish from lakes, not any from the oceans.  Lastly, Lana also mentions how her Mindful Meat Mondays came to be with the Meatless Mondays not doing anything to educated people about the benefits of grass fed meats.

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