Episode 064: Frank Fitzpatrick: 5 Bar Beef – August 13, 2013

Frank Fitzpatrick
The Appropriate Omnivore is joined by Frank Fitzpatrick of 5 Bar Beef, who describes himself as a terrestrial carnivore. Since a young age, Frank had wanted to be a cowboy and ended up becoming a pioneer in the grass fed beef movement. Frank talks about the principles he applies to his food that are related with the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Savory Institute. Aaron and Frank get into how they share a love of grass fed beef and how they both see it as important to cook muscle meats with in a tallow or bone broth. Frank also talks about how the only meat you’ll find with the 5 Bar Beef name on it is from his own farm and the farmers markets you can go to in Orange County to find his wonderful meat.

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