Episode 065: Katie Falbo: Cultivate Events – August 20, 2013

Katie Falbo CE-SBFF

Katie Falbo runs Cultivate Events, which is responsible for organizing many festivals and conferences related with traditional foods. She shares the details of the upcoming Santa Barbara Fermentation Festival, letting listeners know about the speakers, demos, vendors, and lunch that are all related with real food. Katie explains why this is a great local event for people to learn about fermention, food producers in their area, as well as how to get involved with a local Weston A. Price chapter. Plus, the Santa Barbara Festival will have fun things, such as a cultured petting zoo and Patti the Pickle. In addition to the Fermentation Festival, Katie gives some info on other events she’s organizing, such as the SOL Food Festival and some others that will be happening next year, such as the Take Back Your Health coference and the Real Food Symposium, that she’ll now be running.

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