Episode 063: Jesus & Jutta Gamboa: Zucchini Xpress CSA – August 6, 2013


Jesus & Jutta Gamboa


Jesus & Jutta Gamboa make a visit to The Appropriate Omnivore as they let the listeners know about all of the farm fresh, local, and organic produce that they offer with their community supported agriculture (CSA), Zucchini Xpress.  Aaron explains all about why CSAs are a great and convenient way to get real food straight to your door.  The Zucchini Xpress surpasses many other CSAs as they not only offer produce, but also great grass fed beef, olive oil, raw honey, chocolate, and coffee.  And Jesus and Jutta want to include even more types of food as well as expand the geographical area where people can join.  Jesus and Jutta also have an online magazine, Free Range Zucchini, that’s filled with recipes and resources where people can find organic food.

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