Episode 120: Real Extra Virgin Olive with David Neuman of EVOOGuy.com

Aaron Zober welcomes olive oil professional David Neuman to The Appropriate Omnivore podcast. David has a career in the natural food industry in numerous areas from supermarkets to cereal to his long and current involvement in olive oil. David sells his olive oil through EVOOGuy.com and authored the upcoming book Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Truth in Your Kitchen. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the foods which is most often defective. Aaron asks David all of the question about what makes your olive oil rancid from the production of it to when it gets into your kitchen. Aaron also asks David about the labels we often see. Do they help at all in choosing better olive oil? Are some of them meaningless? Are there labels we need which aren’t on the olive oil bottles? David then gets into how to find real extra virgin olive oil, including tasting it for yourself.

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