Episode 127: Regenerative Verification & Certificaiton of Products with Chris Kerston of Land to Market


Having been a guest on The Appropriate Omnivore podcast 10 years ago, Aaron Zober welcomes back Chris Kerston. When Chris was previously on the show, he had been working on a farm. Chris now works for the Savory Institute heading their Land to Market program. Chris talks about how he originally got into got into agriculture and then regenerative agriculture. He next explains how Land to Market works in terms of certifying products with Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) for being regenerative. In addition to meat products, Land to Mark has also given EOV to apparel made from grass fed leather. Chris explains what’s needed for crop products to be certified by Land to Market and why many aren’t. Aaron and Chris share in how they’re both devoted to products on the consumer level and how working with the marketplace is needed to push the message of regenerative agriculture.

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