Episode 116: Reversing Climate Change through Regenerative Ag with Seth Itzkan of Soil4Climate

With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) having just occurred, Aaron Zober welcomes Seth Itzkan of Soil4Climate to the Appropriate Omnivore podcast. Seth is an environmental futurist advocating for holistic land management in order to reverse climate change. He makes a visit to the show having just been to the U.N. Food Systems Summit where he and his team presented a paper on regenerative agriculture. After the Food Systems Summit he also attended COP26 and was able to address people there about holistic management. As he’s on a program called The Appropriate Omnivore, Aaron has him address the meaty issue of why animals are needed for regenerative agriculture and reducing carbon emissions. Seth then gets into what foods we need to eat less of and what he’d like to see as the theme for next year’s Climate Change Conference.

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