Episode 105: The Wonders of A2 Dairy with Blake & Stephanie Alexandre of Alexandre Family Farm


Aaron Zober is joined by fourth generation farmers Blake & Stephanie Alexandre of Alexandre Family Farm to talk about all things dairy. Blake & Stephanie discuss the breakthrough in the dairy industry known as A2 milk, which many have found easier to digest. Like many real foods, this is going back to what food used to. Traditionally, only the A2 protein was found in dairy until mutation occurring over the years and creating the A1 protein. The majority of people diagnosed with lactose intolerance are actually A1 intolerant. Blake & Stephanie then get into busting other dairy myths, such as claims about methane and saturated fat. Along with A2 milk, Alexandre Farm is also known for its excellent pasture raised eggs under the label Alexandre Kids. Blake & Stephanie explain just why it’s called that plus more about what we can expect from Alexandre Family Farm now and in the future.

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