Episode 099: Nicola O’Connell: Truly Grass Fed

For National Dairy Month, Aaron Zober is joined by Nicola O’Connell of the excellent Irish dairy farm Truly Grass Fed. Truly Grass Fed is known for its cows grazing outside on the lush green grasses of Ireland. They produce two of Aaron’s favorite dairy products, butter and cheese. Nicola explains how the company is a coop of small family dairy farms. She lets Aaron know what they look for in terms of farms to be part of the coop. Nicola then gets into what it means for Truly Grass Fed to be 95% grass fed and what’s involved with their Certified Animal Welfare Approved label by A Greener World. Aaron hears from Nicola about what we can expect from Truly Grass Fed in the future in terms of new products, new certifications, and new research studies on dairy.

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