Episode 076: Joann Grohman: Keeping a Family Cow – November 5, 2013

Joann Grohman KAFC

With only a couple days until the Weston A. Price Foundation‘s Wise Traditions Conference in Atlanta, Aaron Zober interviews his final guest for the Speaker Series.  Joann Grohman has been raising backyard cows for most of her life and has written the book “Keeping a Family Cow”.  Joann explains how much space you need to raise a cow in your backyard and the benefits you’ll get, such as obtaining fresh milk and having compost for your crops.  Aaron and Joann then debunk myths about cows being responsible for environmental problems, humans being the only animals that drink milk, and the idea that we’ve only been drinking milk for 10,000 years.  Aaron and Joann also talk about why raw milk is superior to pasteurized milk.

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