Episode 136: The Spice Is Right with Sam Binkley of Healthy on You


This week on The Appropriate Omnivore, host Aaron Zober welcomes Sam Binkley to the podcast. Sam discusses how her career path lead her to found Healthy on You, which sells organic spices all with names based on popular songs. Sam began with “No Woman No Spice”, a Jamaican jerk spice which was an ode to her Jamaican heritage. Healthy on You now has 20 different blends. Sam talks about the many ways music plays a role in her life. Aaron and Sam both get into how music is important while they cook. San then mentions what spices we can expect from Healthy on You in the future and other types of products her brand is planning on expanding into. Plus Sam shares the ways which Healthy on You goes beyond what other organic companies do as it focuses on very clean and simple ingredients.

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