Episode 090: Dr. Deborah Gordon: Building Immunity in the Time of the Pandemic




For the first Appropriate Omnivore podcast since we’ve all been quarantined at home, functional medicine physician Dr. Deborah Gordon from Ashland, OR makes a return to the program. Aaron asks her all of the questions in building immunity to the coronavirus during the time of this pandemic from nutrition to supplements to exercise to vaccines. Dr. Deborah talks about the importance of animal protein to stay immune, but also emphasizes the importance of fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables. Aaron and Dr. Deborah agree that one of the most important types of vegetables are the cruciferous ones. They talk about how roasting them is both a way to consume the optimal nutrition out of them and make them taste better. Aaron shares how he didn’t like eating them until discovering the wonders of roasting. Deborah also stresses not to consume too many sugars and avoid all if possible. Additionally, Dr. Deborah gets into how social distancing and sheltering at home have been changing her medical practice.


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