Episode 081: All about the Beef Part 4: Lance Roll of The Brothery – October 29, 2018



Aaron Zober concludes his All about the Beef  series with a show devoted to bone broth. In the previous episodes, he focused on the meat. Aaron now reminds people that part of being an appropriate omnivore is using every part of the animals. And using bones from sustainable animals allows you to make healthy, nutrient dense, and flavorful bone broth. He brings on Lance Roll, founder of The Brothery to discuss everything broth related. Lance talks about his training under Paul Chek in the C.H.E.K. Institute and how he became known as The Flavor Chef. All of this led to him beginning his broth business. Aaron and Lance also talk about how the Weston A. Price Foundation has done a lot to bring bone broth to the forefront.

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