Episode 111: Regenerative, Organic, and Pasture Raised Working Together with Dave Greening of Organic Prairie


Aaron Zober welcomes on Dave Greening, chief executive and general manager of the Organic Meat Company to The Appropriate Omnivore. The Organic Meat Company is one of the first organic companies and one of the companies which inspired Aaron to first get into sustainable food, especially sustainable meat. Dave shares his experiences from having several generations in his family farming in Wisconsin to working for various food companies in Wisconsin to where he is now at OMC. OMC is one of the largest providers of organic pasture raised beef, poultry, pork, and dairy through its labels Organic Prairie and Organic Valley. In addition to being organic, they also have prided themselves on being grass fed, pasture raised, and regenerative. Dave talks about the how being organic, pasture raised, and regenerative all work together. He gets into what Organic Prairie is doing to become more regenerative and more overall sustainable in their practices. Plus Dave talks about what kind of future products they’re looking at developing and what he sees as the overall future of regenerative and organic agriculture.

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