Episode 110: Sustainability Is the Future of the Restaurant Biz with Brad Kent of Bagel + Slice

On this episode of The Appropriate Omnivore, Aaron Zober delves into how restaurants are becoming more sustainable. To discuss sourcing regenerative, organic, and natural ingredients for a restaurant, he welcomes Brad Kent to the program. Brad previously founded Blaze Pizza and Olio Wood Fired Pizzeria. His upcoming restaurant Bagel + Slice will also feature pizza, but will differ with serving bagels as well and its focus on sustainability. Brad talks about how he got into the restaurant industry in the first place and how his upcoming venture is all about caring for the environment from the ingredients sourced to the energy used in the operation to the use of Ozone treatment for the restaurant. In addition, Brad stresses the importance of paying employees well, charging affordable prices for his food, and serving the Highland Park community of Los Angeles.

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