Episode 069: Lisa Bianco-Davis: Portland Regional Wise Traditions Conference – September 17, 2013


The Wise Traditions Speaker Series on The Appropriate Omnivore is back. In less than 8 weeks is the Weston A. Price Foundation‘s International Conference in Atlanta. But before that, there’s a Regional Conference in Portland, OR. Aaron Zober brings on Lisa Bianco-Davis to discuss the real food scene in Oregon. Lisa is the leader for the Eugene, OR Weston A. Price Chapter. She runs one of the most active chapters as they consistently hold potlucks, DVD showings, and classes. Lisa also started Kraut Pounder, originally to raise money for her chapter. Lisa will be speaking at the Portland conference about taking the fear out of fermentation. She explains what people can expect from her presentation and what they can get out of attending the regional Wise Traditions conference in Portland.


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