Episode 079: All about the Beef Part 2: Jeff Perez & Ruben Perez of Chops Meat & Fish – October 29, 2018

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Aaron Zober continues the All About the Beef series as he know talks about the rise of the sustainable butcher shop. He brings on the show, Jeff Perez and Ruben Perez, who opened a shop right in his Los Angeles neighborhood. Jeff and Ruben discuss how they got into starting up a butcher shop and how they go about sourcing sustainable meat. Aaron, Jeff, and Ruben all get into how we’re changing as a society to eat meat that’s healthier and better for the planet and what needs to be done to transition. Jeff and Ruben also bring up what else you can find at Chops Meat and Fish, including sustainable seafood and even shelves and freezers filled with many organic, sustainable options.

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