Episode 059: Gary Collins: Primal Power Method – June 29, 2013

Gary Collins Primal Power Method

Gary Collins is the founder of New American Nutrition and recently released the e-book Primal Power Method. Gary and Aaron discuss many of the key points of his new book. Gary explains how the primal diet is similar and different to other traditional diets, such as Weston A. Price and paleo. A big part of Primal Power Method is never do anything to the extreme, a point which resonates well with Aaron as he’s seen many people get too strict with their ways. Gary and Aaron go over what are the important foods to eat and what foods are viewed as treats that you don’t need in your diet to be healthy. They talk about everything from meats to fruits and veggies to carbs to sweeteners. Gary also talks about what exercise he sees as the best, since exercise along with nutrition is a very important part of Primal Power Method.

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