Episode 094: Bob Quinn: KAMUT Ancient Grain

The latest episode of the COVID-19 subseries of The Appropriate Omnivore focuses on baking. While sheltering at home, many have learned to bake during the pandemic. Even better, many are baking sourdough and using ancient grains. So Aaron Zober brings on Montana farmer Bob Quinn, who introduced the ancient wheat known as khorasan to the world and trademarked it as KAMUT. Bob gets into the problems modern wheat has which makes it unable to digest it for many. He then discusses KAMUT’s practices to produce healthy and sustainable grains. KAMUT is not only organic, but also uses regenerative agriculture. Bob then mentions the various brands which use KAMUT. Aaron brings up how he loves the Eden Foods KAMUT pasta. In addition to KAMUT, Bob Quinn sells a cold pressed organic safflower oil under the name The Oil Barn. Bob explains the advantages of safflower oil and why it needs to be cold pressed. Bob also lets the listeners know what bakeries we can find in Montana with KAMUT baked goods. Aaron ends the program having Bob talk about some KAMUT products available overseas which he’d like to see available in the United States.

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