Episode 060: Vital Farms: Pastured, Independent & Thriving- July 16, 2013

Vital Farms

The Appropriate Omnivore kicks off the first show of the July Independents Month by welcoming back Jason Jones, president of Vital Farms. Vital Farms is one of the most successful natural foods businesses. Aaron and Jason discuss how Vital Farms has truly pastured eggs that differ from the ones you’ll see labeled as “free range” or “cage free. In addition, Vital Farms avoids using any GMO feed for its chickens. Taking a pledge to avoid GMOs is one of several causes that Vital Farms has taken part in. Vital Farms is also based out of Austin, TX, which is becoming known as the paleo capital. Aaron and Jason talk about how Austin is a great place with several natural product companies and lot of great restaurants that are Weston Price/paleo/primal friendly.

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